Who are we? Staff Contact

Laura Halfpenny, Executive Director
Oversee Operations & Administration, Finance/Budgeting. Sponsorship & Fundraising, Community Events, HR & Payroll, Marketing.
407-321-5264 ext 101, lhalfpenny@orlandocityyouth.org 


Paul Shaw, Technical Director / Director of Coaching

Oversees all programs, coach & player development. TV27 MLS Analyst. Arsenal FC.
407-321-5264 ext 107, pshaw@orlandocityyouth.org


Tanya Neidert, Administration Manager & Registrar    

Manage Player Registration, FYSA Agent of Record, player accounts (billing & collection), oversee AGC / Team Managers, tournament admin/schedule & Seminole Soccer League (SSL).
407-321-5264 ext 102, tneidert@orlandocityyouth.org


William Diaz, Assistant Registrar  

US Club/ ECNL TGS Player registration, front office, concession operations, referee liaison, player accounts – billing & Collections, Spanish Speaking.
407-321-5264 ext 105, wdiaz@orlandocityyouth.org


Joanne Kao, Business Coordinator

Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable
407-321-5264 ext 115, billing@orlandocityyouth.org

Dan Nolan, Operations Coordinator

Program training & game scheduling, facility closures, referee assignment, game reschedules & League Point of Contact.
407-321-5264 ext 113, dnolan@orlandocityyouth.org


Phil Gordon, Boys ECNL Program Director

407-321-5264 ext 108, pgordon@orlandocityyouth.org


Robbie Gobble, Girls ECNL Program Director

407-321-5264 ext 106, rgobble@orlandocityyouth.org


Nick Calo, Assistant Director of Coaching / Sponsorship Activation
407-321-5264 ext 103  ncalo@orlandocityyouth.org


Louis Liberatore, Director of Goalkeeping
407-321-5264 ext 111, liberatore@orlandocityyouth.org


Stephen Harrison, Director of Community & Recreational Soccer
407-321-5264 ext 114, sharrison@orlandocityyouth.org

James Bell, Little Lions Program Manager
407-321-5264 ext 110, jbell@orlandocityyouth.org


Hector Urbina Little Lions in Schools
407-321-5264 ext 119  hurbina@orlandocityyouth.org