*THE BETTER SOCCER BLUEPRINT* - Great for the younger player

The foundation to 'Owning your Own Development!'

- Technical training, great for those new Beast Mode Soccer from youth players to college players

- 90 day, easy to follow technical development program 

- Plan your own sessions with the BSB drill database online and track your progress with the daily planner

- Includes 1v1 moves, fast footwork and agility, touches, passing, shooting and finishing, and more!

*THE CHALLENGE* - Good place to start

The done-for-you program with 5 sessions designed by Dave Copeland-Smith, founder of Beast Mode Soccer

- For when you do not have time to plan your own session, encompassing a little bit of everything.  Great way to see what Beast Mode Soccer is all about. For advanced beginners to pro level. 


*THE SOCCER VORTEX* - Improve Technically, Tactically, Mentally & Physically

- Our most complete BMS training system!

- Encompasses all elements of the game- Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, & Lifestyle

- Over 400 drills in TSV drill database online- footwork, passing, shooting, 1v1 moves, & more

- Directed towards dedicated players trying to get to the next level.  For high school, club, college, and pro players.

- New bonus material is constantly added to this system when you become a part of The Soccer Vortex Community with tips from David Copeland-Smith and the pros. Including our NEW 9-week 'Done for You' Section!

*MASTERING THE SOCCER MIND* - Supercharge your confidence

-  The complete soccer specific mental training system that will take you to the next level!

A complete step by step guide that will take you from where you are now to your team leader and the player that is dominant and demands respect at all times

- No more 'crumbling' in games, Mastering the Soccer Mind will help you take control of your mental game in 12 weeks!


 - The Ultimate Mindset Program!

 - S.W.A.G. Mindset is an initial 12 week soccer specific mental training system that develops your confidence, on and off the field using intense but easy to do exercises and missions

- On the field, learn all of the MUST do things to do before, during and after games that will not only make you more confident than ever, erasing all self-doubt, but will make you a ruthless predator and a leader on the field

- Off the field, you spend so much time training your technique, making sure you're strong physically. Now, you can learn simple mental techniques that will transform you into a dominant, confident player OFF the field

- Includes other features such as Operation Confidence, a full S.W.A.G Mindset Calendar to keep you organized, Comprehensive 'Over theShoulder' Videos, a parent checklist, and so much more!

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