Senior Academy

Senior Academy

The Academy

The Orlando City Youth is Florida's leading program for developing players from 7-18. Orlando City Youth offers team levels from local league level (Greater Central Florida League AKA GCF) to State Level (FAL, FCL, ECNL R Leagues and Florida State Premier League) to National League Level. The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) program is a national level league for both Boys and Girls. For those with ambition to play collegiately, the ECNL gives players exposure to College coaches through its Showcases. Orlando City Youth hosts the Winter Showcases annually with attendance of over 300 College coaches.  ECNL is only available to players U13 - U18/19 ages.

Senior Boys Academy Director - Phil Gordon

Sr Boys Academy Teams Coach
2008 ECNL R James Bell
2008 Purple James Bell
2007 ECNL R Godfrey Miheso
2006 ECNL R Jaime Rodriguez
2006 Purple Jaime Rodriguez
2005 ECNL R Tyler Weston
2005 Purple Tyler Weston
2004 ECNL R Skip Gardner
2002 ECNL R Godfrey Miheso
2002 Purple Skip Gardner


Senior Girls Director - Robbie Gobble

Senior Girls College Liaison - Derrick Smith

Senior Girls Academy Teams Coach
2008 ECNL R Derrick Smith
2007 ECNL R Derrick Smith
2006 ECNL R Bobby Sauer/Chris McCall
2005 ECNL R Scott McCulloch
2004 ECNL R Bobby Sauer/Chris McCall
2002 ECNL R Chuck Green