Lion Cubs


As a parent, you are always looking for ways to help your child grow and develop.  Registering in the Lion Cubs program is a superb way for you and your child to be introduced to the game of soccer as well as the importance of developing movement skills.  According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, “Movement skills are an essential element of a child’s overall development and play a significant role influencing physical, psychosocial, and mental health. 1.”

Movement skills are essential in any child's development as they will have a direct impact on how they experience the world.  Involvement in physical education and programs designed to encourage and enhance activity will improve a child’s experience.

Lion Cubs is a six-week program offered on Saturday mornings at Seminole Soccer Complex, (Sanford, FL).  This unique program is designed and led by licensed professional coaches. The coaching staff will lead you and your child through multiple age-appropriate game-based activities.  The fun and engaging games are designed to teach ball control as well as improve your child’s balance, coordination, and basic motor skills. As a participant in this program you can encourage these fun age appropriate activities at home.

In order to attend Lion Cubs, you must register.  Thank you for exploring the many ways Orlando City Youth Soccer can help with your child’s development.  

What: Lion Cubs - Ages 2 to 3 (birth year of 2017 & 2018)

When:  Saturday Mornings

Start Date:  Winter registration will open in late October for December and January program.

End Date:  Coming soon


Register: Email James for upcoming program information.



1.Bremer, Emily, and John Cairney. “Fundamental Movement Skills and Health-Related Outcomes: A Narrative Review of Longitudinal and Intervention Studies Targeting Typically Developing Children.” American journal of lifestyle medicine vol. 12,2 148-159. 3 Apr. 2016, doi:10.1177/1559827616640196