Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director



Dear Parents, and Members,
   My name is Dave Dir and I am the new Executive Director at
Orlando City Youth Soccer Club. As we start the new year, I
wanted to wish all of you a healthy, joyful and successful 2021. As
you are aware Orlando City Youth Soccer Club already has a rich
history of commitment to education, player development,
enjoyment and growing the game. I have been hired to help the
Orlando City Youth Soccer Club program continue to ascend to its
rightful place as one of the premier clubs in the United States. Our
goal is to do this while maintaining the integrity, ethics and
standards the Orlando City Youth Soccer Club have been known
for and continuing their commitment to their members and the
game in Orlando. This task will include the improvement of our
facility to create a home which is one of the showcase facilities in
Central Florida. In addition, future improvements will include hiring
more highly qualified licensed coaching staff, with an increased
commitment to education and improved development of both our
current coaching staff and our players. We will also be looking to
add coaches with a high pedigree of coaching and playing
experience to complement our current exceptional staff. Of
course, this will not happen over-night but expect to see our
renewed commitment to hiring quality educators who make a
difference in the upcoming seasons. Our goal will be to coach,
train and improve our members “the Orlando City Way”.  We want
to see the large majority of our teams improve both technically
and tactically while adding to the development of our players both
on and off the field. Quite simply, Orlando City Youth Soccer Club
will be known as the place to play if “You Love Soccer”. As a
professional coach for over 20 years, and being involved in youth
club management for another 15, this is already one of the most
exciting projects I have ever been involved in. Our vision is to
emulate many of the Professional style clubs in organization,
respect, loyalty, and professional behavior, while promoting a
family atmosphere for all levels of players. 

  For existing members, we go into the next year with our long-
term goals set on promoting the game of soccer and its benefits to
the community at a level never before achieved while keeping an
exceptional value for services we provide. First in the coming
days you will see the creation of a couple of new committees at
the club. We will be starting with an Advisory Board which will
help plan and facilitate support of the community and ensure the
level of excellence we strive for, not only in our facility but in
everything we do.  We will also create an Events Committee to
continue our efforts to establish events that not only support our
membership but the community. I will be sending you more
information about these committees and others in the coming
months and I invite every one of you to email me if you have
someone who would be a good fit in helping the Orlando City
Youth Soccer Club become an even bigger contributor to making
Orlando and Seminole County a great place for our kids to live
and play. Second, we will be creating a “Purple Pages” of
members and supporters who are in business in the community
and are trusted places to fill your needs for business service
needs.  We realize there is tremendous competition in our area for
players and it is our feeling that by providing the best family
environment, coaching and player development programs, we
have the best chance of creating excitement and loyalty to a
quality run organization that represents your ethics and
values. As we have already seen, programs developed by our
coaching staff have been imitated by other clubs in the region, but
we promise that Orlando City Youth Soccer Club will continue to
be an innovator in finding new ways to create a better
environment for our members. We want to continue to provide a 
unique experience, so we can reach our ultimate long-term goal.
That goal is not only to be the best developmental club in
Orlando, but to be a developmental club that is recognized
nationally as a club with a commitment to excellence.
 In pursuit of that goal:

▪     We will now strive to offer the most opportunities for our players
to develop.

▪     We will now strive to have the highest quality, best educated and
highest credentialed club in the country.

▪     We will now be a club that promotes quality human beings as
well as soccer players through community involvement.

▪     We will be a family working for a common goal, the betterment of our 
members. We will Not be a group of individual teams or players.

▪     We will all come together to promote a similar style of
attacking soccer that Orlando City will be known for.

I will continue to improve the communication from the club to the
membership, and my sincere hope is that I am able over time to
fully explain the philosophy and the direction of our club. 
In the next couple of months as I see many of you at the games
and trainings, we will get many opportunities to discuss ideas
of the specific evolution/direction of our club. I am Interested 
in your honest opinions. My door will always be open and I will
welcome these discussions. For my part, I am here to provide
a common direction for the good of the whole club
and I look forward to helping us make a place that we are all
proud of and can always call home.  

David Dir
Executive Director 
Orlando City Youth Soccer Club