Our Structure

Our Team Level Structure


Orlando City Seminole Leagues

  • ECNL 
    • Attend 2-3 ECNL showcases annually (including the Winter Showcase that we host at Seminole Soccer Complex).
    • Girls play in in a Southeast Region League
    • Boys play in a Florida Region League
    • Train at minimum 3 times a week during their season and break for High School during the winter. 
    • Train 4 times a week
    • Players do not play highschool
    • Play in a Florida Region League
    • Possible events and/or games out of state
  • ECNL Regional
    • Train 2-3 times a week 
    • Play in a Florida Region League
    • 2-4 tournaments during the year, possible out of state event.
    • Participate in Florida Cup
  • Florida Academy League
    • Train 2-3 times a week 
    • Play Florida Region League
    • Possible tournaments and/or out of state event
  • GCFYSL - Purple
    • Train 2-3 times a week
    • Play in a Central Florida based league
    • 2-4 tournaments possible during the year
    • Highshool players break for highschool

All players are coached in the Orlando City system and philosophy of play by professional coaches. All players tryout for teams in May, this is a standard time for all clubs in Florida and is dictated by our governing bodies (FYSA and US Club).  Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, when a player demonstrates improvement.